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Informations directionnelles

Continuer vers l’Eglise Saint-Symphorien, puis sur la gauche, se rendre à l’ancien presbytère.

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Ancien presbytère

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The new post office
From 1856 to 1899, successive town councils made efforts to improve town planning and traffic flow in the village centre.



Town planning that transformed the village...

The road that linking Isle-Adam to Frouville and Hédouville went up the hillside from Place du Chateau. Flanked by houses and in places, banked by walls, this narrow road could not be widened. The final decision to build a new road, along with a plan and the name “Boulevard Pasteur” was approved by vote in 1889: the road would be built between the church and the presbytery and cross the gardens until it reached the old road. After several delays, the road was ready for use in 1899. All this explains why no houses line this street.

…and its name

After the establishment of a mail distribution office in 1870, Nesles was renamed  Nesles-la-Vallée, to avoid confusion with Nesles in the neighbourhood of Péronne (Somme).
By 1913, the office rented by the town council no longer sufficed. Local businessman, Mister Partois, signed a construction leasehold agreement with the Town Council and the Seine and Oise Postal and Telegraphic Department. The former phone booth is now in the Postal museum in Paris.


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