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Ancien presbytère

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Laisser l’Eglise derrière vous. Prendre à gauche dans la rue Pierre Pilon. Continuer en laissant le monument aux morts à votre gauche. Aller jusqu’à la Mairie-Ecole.

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The Perspiratory
An 18th century building with an urban style.



A testament to village history...

This building is said to have an urban influence due to its even spaced doors and windows. Only its facade is in cut stone, its gables are mounted in the traditional way, in rough-jointed rubble stone. A small ledge marks the upper floor and the overhang is supported by brackets. When construction began on Boulevard Pasteur in 1897, the presbytery was intentionally given a wide berth. Home to successive priests for the parish of Nesles, it retains the same function today.


...and to men caught up in the Second World War

Two priests have marked the village's recent history.
- Abbot Rabourg, parish priest from 1939 to 1947: all who met him  immediately perceived his great kindness and courage. Working with Father Dabosville, head of Saint-Martin-de-France in Pontoise, he saved several fleeing Jews and was one of the rare priests to condemn Nazi anti-semitism. “...Because this one was a saint. His name was Rabourg and he had been a “Pere Blanc” missionary. During the war and the occupation, he listened to English radio with all the windows open and stood up to the Germans.” É. Henriot.
- Abbot Reynier, from 1947 to 1958: very active in youth outreach, he helped establish numerous performances, JAC (Catholic agricultural youth) meetings and a local brass band. The faces of our elders still light up when hearing his name.


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