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Château de la Garenne

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The La Garenne “chateau”
At the end of the 19th century, a grand bourgeois manor was built in the locality of La Garenne.



A building that has seen many changes...

It was soon renovated by its second owner. With side extensions and an archway on its main façade. Its new look earned it the title of “Château de la Garenne”. A farm, lake and a gate at the end of the driveway completed the renovations.
The château was divided from the farm around 1910. In 1924, it came under the management of a newly created private real-estate association, the “SCI du Domaine de la Garenne de Nesles-la-Vallée”, with four directors living in and around Paris. It was headquartered in Paris, but its bye-laws and mission statement were lodged with a solicitor in Isle-Adam. The necessary utilities, road maintenance and construction were established. A pump was installed to bring water into a reservoir which then fed the various properties.



...and is now an entire neighbourhood

Several Parisians built small vacation homes, often in wood, along the new lanes. Some decades ago, the estate became government land and the little wooden buildings have been transformed by new inhabitants who have chosen to make Nesles their home.


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