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Fountain – drinking trough

Water is an important factor in the placement of residential and agricultural constructions.



A fountain with many uses...

This fountain and drinking trough, located on the side of the Haute-Isle's chemin du vieux Bourg, provided water for the villagers and their animals, and  for those passing through (pilgrims, travellers, peddlers etc.). Water supply was ensured by capturing an underground stream or spring emerging through fractures in the rock (resurgence). Built in local stone (rough-cut limestone) this fountain and drinking trough, renovated in the early 20th century, is made up of two curved basins.


... a reminder of how the land was once worked

It no doubt fell out of use following the arrival of running water in homes and the gradual decline of pastoralism from the mid 20th century onward. Covered with a layer of vegetation, it is still a relic of the valley's agricultural past, there for curious passersby.

by Expression Nomade