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Habitat ancien

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Village troglodytique

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Ancient habitation
This house, located in the old town of Haute-Isle, is an interesting testament to local town planning and village activities.

Habitations adapted to rural life...

Underneath its apparent unity, this habitation is in fact made up of two successive constructions. The first, situated right next to the cliff, was built a very long time ago and was reserved for activities related to rural life (domestic activities, crop and wine growing, vegetable and live stock farming on the banks of the Seine, in the valley and on the hills). The adjoining boves, which contained a pigsty, a stable for a milk-fed calf, feeding troughs for a cow, sheep and goats, were mainly used to shelter the animals in winter. The pigs were raised in the family tradition (fattened all summer then killed at the height of winter). At the time, fluctuations in the level of the Seine must have profoundly influenced both the aspect of the landscape and the human activity on it.

… whose architecture and use have evolved across the centuries

The later extension, a gablefront construction typical of the Vexin français, gives the building its current uniformity and dimensions. The extension is covered with an old fashioned pink coating, added in the 19th century, which protects and decorates several of the older houses in the village. The same can be found on other houses, including Claude Monet's house in Giverny.



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