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The Communal Lavoir

This Lavoir from the hamlet of Chantemesle, dates from 1932.



Indispensable for daily life...

Fed by a water source flowing down the hillside, this lavoir, or wash house, is situated in a strategic location on the edge of a branch of the Seine. Closed on three sides, has a double basin. Washing stones are still visible on one side.
Like many others, this lavoir has a tub for washing and a tub for rinsing. Other lavoirs even had a chimney to collect ash, used as a bleaching agent. Lavoirs gradually fell out of use over the course of the 20th century.


… and a meeting place for village women

An important gathering place, the lavoir was where villagers could catch up and find out about village news. Up until the 1950s, washerwomen met there to beat and stir the laundry which they brought in barrows or tubs. Sometimes they washed the laundry at home and rinsed it in the public wash house.

by Expression Nomade