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Ferme Minoret

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Ferme Minoret
Remonter la rue qui mène à l’église jusqu’au prieuré Sainte-Geneviève

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Prieuré Sainte-Geneviève

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The small Minoret Farm
An important farm in the history of Pontoise.



A granary for large cities...

The Minoret farm was built back in the 15th century. Situated close to the church, it was formerly run by the monks of the priory. In 1589, the farms of Gouzangrez had to provide the city of Pontoise with cereals to feed the garrisoned soldiers.
The current buildings date from the 19th century. At that time, they belonged to  Sire Aube Minoret, a Parisian landowner, who rented to land and buildings to a Vexin farmer.


… transformed over time

Nicolas Delacour acquired the estate on 20 October 1853, then consisting of a house, farm buildings and more than 40 hectares of land, for the sum of  109,963 Francs. The complex was made up of a house with two single-story farm buildings on either side.

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