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Prieuré Sainte-Geneviève

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Se diriger vers l’Eglise Notre Dame de l’Assomption. Prendre à gauche la D66 sur une centaine de mètres. A gauche, derrière l’arrêt de bus, les anciens cafés du village.

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Anciens cafés

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Saint Geneviève Priory
A 15th century place of prayer.



A chapel linked to a church...

In the middle ages,  Gouzangrez did not fall under the spiritual authority of a parish priest. Clergymen would not appear in the village until the 15th century. There was however a small chapel built on 54 acres, belonging to Saint Louis, King of France (Louis the 9th). In the mid-15th century, Louis the 10th ordered the construction of a small religious seminary for the order of Saint Augustin. Adjoining the church, it was named Saint Geneviève Priory. The priory had direct access to the church via the chapel, which was supported by an arched arcade. At that time, the priory was run by the prior Saint Vincent de Senlis.


… and to the life of the monks

Later, access from the church to the chapel was blocked. The rest of the building dates from the 19th century. In the courtyard of the priory, there is a 40 metre-deep well, covered by a monolithic curb-stone. No doubt it was used to supply the community of monks with underground water.


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