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Ferme de la distillerie

Ferme de la distillerie

Informations directionnelles

Passer entre les deux fermes en prenant la Grande rue (RD66). Prendre à droite la rue du Vieux Château, passer la Ferme Minoret.

Prochain point :

Ferme Minoret

Prochain point : lat="49.112038" lon="1.908727"

The distillery farm
Traces of an agricultural activity that shaped the architecture of the Vexin français.



A farm at the heart of village life...

Situated at the entrance to the village, the farm is made up of several buildings and agricultural structures: a distillery, barn, stables, cattle shed, drinking trough and well. The distillery was built in June of 1878. At the height of its activity (including harvest, seed sowing, raising 1500 head of livestock, beetroot harvest and alcohol production) the farm employed around a hundred people.
Part of this building still bears traces of Gustave Eiffel's architecture and outside we can still admire its 26.5 metre-high, brick chimney.


… which still bears traces of a once thriving industry

In 1950, Pierre Mendès France closed many distilleries in an attempt to combat alcoholism. The  Gouzangrez shut down operations definitively in 1953. The installations were dismantled, but the buildings, alcohol tanks, small railway and chimney bear witness to the village's industrial past.

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