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Le Clos du Saule

Clos Saule

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Clos du Saule Farm
An old village farm dating back to the 19th century.



Vast farmland...

This farm consists of a set-back house with a forecourt, flanked on each side by single-story farm buildings. One of these outbuildings houses a dovecote with more than 400 pigeon holes or “boulins”. Dovecotes were built to a size proportional the surface area of the surrounding  fields, giving us an idea of size of the old farm. They were also built to collect guano, which was used as an organic fertiliser. Up until 1789, only lords with a fiefdom and an estate with farmland had the right to build a free-standing dovecote (colombier à pied). Today the Clos de Saule is a charming house, full of character and surrounded by 5000 m2 of vegetation.


...the starting point for an extraordinary voyage

In 1903, sheep destined for Transvaal were gathered together in the courtyard of the estate. One hundred and three sheep and breeding rams, of the Île-de-France breed, set off for Transvaal, a province of South Africa. This herd was offered to the Beor people by France to ease their difficulties.


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