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Lavoir de Gouline

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The Gouline Lavoir

The Gouzangrez lavoir in the Perchay region.



One of a kind architecture...

The “Gouzangrez” lavoir, or wash house, did not exactly live up to its name, having been built in the neighbouring town of Perchay. A roman wash house, it was built on a natural water source. The clear water bubbled up from the centre, some of the water supplied the lavoir itself and the rest was channeled via a pipe to fill up the rinsing tub. .
The lavoir was walled in and covered with a tiled roof. It was accessed via a door.


… and a community space

Gouzangrez having no surface water, the villagers would go to the Gouline woods to wash their laundry. A wooden sign erected by a witty local read: “Here we clean our clothes and sully our neighbours”.




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