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"Raphael, or the Debauched One," Michel Deville 1971



Vigny château, an ideal location...

"Vexin, compared to the east of the Ile-de-France, offers more interesting countryside, with many valleys", explained the director Michel Deville. Which is why he has located the setting of many of his films in this region. In autumn 1970, seduced by the architecture of the site, he set up his camera in Vigny Château to shoot some scenes for "Raphael or the Debauched One". The plot takes place in 1830, when Raphael (Mauritius Ronet) tries to seduce Aurore (Françoise Fabian), attracted by her virtue; he finally renounces, judging himself to be unworthy. The shoot was particularly difficult due to the chilly weather, when the scenes were actually supposed to take place in late summer. In the spirit of Alfred de Musset, Michel Deville was inspired by the paintings of Ingres and Delacroix, lending a romantic note to the place.

In 1993, the filmmaker returned to Vigny, to a house near the castle for the film “Aux petits bonheurs” (small pleasures).



... to shoot films!

In 2010, as a carefully kept secret, the singer Rihanna chose the Château grounds to shoot the music video for her song " Ti Amo ", alongside Laetitia Casta. She was the latest in a long list of stars that have been coming here since 1937. Bourvil, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Isabelle Adjani and Gérard Depardieu are among them. Not to mention Lino Ventura, Mireille Darc, Bernard Blier and Francis Blanche who spend their time trying to outsmart each other in the film "The Great Spy Chase" a spy comedy by Georges Lautner (1964).





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