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En ressortant du cimetière, prendre à gauche, la sente des jardins, qui descend jusqu’au village. A la fin de la sente tourner à droite dans la rue des Saules, revenir vers le parking, puis prendre la rue Baudouin pour vous rendre jusqu’au panneau sur le Cinéma.

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A new cemetery with celebrities



Moving the cemetery...

Until the nineteenth century, the cemetery was located around the church, where the village square stands today. Work on the new cemetery began on January 7, 1846, following a donation of land made by the Rohan-Rochefort family. A grave with the inscription "Ab antiquis" serves as the ossuary of the old cemetery.



…Funeral heritage

Several features are noteworthy: the tomb of the Vitali family, the cenotaph (an empty tomb) and the tomb of Napoleon's last cook in St. Helena, Jacques Chandellier.

The cenotaph adjoining the cemetery cross is a rare example in French Vexin. A few steps lead up to the rectangular stone column mounted with a draped casket bearing a small cross. It is dedicated to "her Serene Highness Armande Soubise" (1743-1807) and her husband "Henri Louis Marie de Rohan, Prince of Guéméné" (1745-1809) as shown by the inscription on the base.

Philip Vitali, who was born in Greece in 1830 and died in Paris in 1909, was an engineer, philanthropist and owner of several properties, including Vigny Château. The imposing family funeral chapel in stone is a reproduction of an antique temple with two fluted columns, an elaborate cornice and an emblazoned pediment surmounted by two vessels.





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