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Le cœur de village

Informations directionnelles

Remonter la rue Marie jusqu’au cimetière.

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Prochain point : lat="49.07679" lon="1.923230005"

The heart of the village
A place of passage and installation



Imposing farms...

Village farms structure the layout of the village. Large farms occupy a prominent position at the entrance and in the centre of the village. Smaller farms are scattered throughout the village, organising the urban fabric. Today, only the monumental entrances are visible: porches and carriage gates. Dating mainly from the eighteenth century, these buildings were redesigned in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to make them more functional. The development of agriculture has shaped not only the landscape but also the buildings.



... On the Brunehaut road

Several ancient routes north of the Seine bear this name. Their very straight lines mark out the landscape. Two old roads go through Val d'Oise, notably the Chartres to Beauvais road that passes through Vigny and Meulan. This road runs down from the plateau, crosses the Vernon road and goes through Vigny. As it leaves the village, it goes past the quarry and on to the cereal plateau. The term Brunehaut may be attributed to a legendary deity, a Visigoth princess, or the goddess Brunehildis (associated with road construction according to Germanic tradition). More simply, it could refer to the various place names “Brunne-hau”, “Chaussée Brun-Chant”, “Chemin Brunneaux”, “Brunneau” according to the materials used, i.e. the pebbles and crushed stones that give the ground a brownish colour.





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