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Tacot et gare

Informations directionnelles

Prendre le chemin à droite et longer le mur d’enceinte du parc du château. Tourner à droite. A l’intersection avec la rue Beaudouin, prendre à droite. Un peu plus loin, tourner à gauche dans la rue Vaillant. Arrêtez-vous au numéro 5 de la rue.

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Sébastien vaillant

Prochain point : lat="49.07851" lon="1.927580005"

The rattletrap and train station
The Aubette valley train



The advent of the railway...

The problems began right from the opening of the line: complaints about schedules, trouble with connections to Sagy and problems with materials. The First World War did not help matters. In 1916, the operation was abandoned and the tracks were dismantled to serve at the front. They were relaid after the war. During World War II, the line and its "rattletrap" was the only means of transport for long distances: the Germans used the line to transport ammunition. Gradually, road transport took over, leading to the permanent closure of the line in 1949.



... Then its decline

The line connected Meulan-Sagy-Pontoise and Meulan-Sagy-Magny-en-Vexin. Altogether it covered about 35 km in a little over an hour and a half. The service was put into operation gradually, with the Pontoise-Sagy section opened in December 1912. The municipality wanted the station, called "Vigny Château" and then " Station de Vigny", to be close to the town center to facilitate access for the local population. In the hills, it was common for the passengers to get off the train and walk along the tracks. On Mondays, the train took the people of Vigny to market in Meulan. In the agricultural sector, the rattletrap proved very useful for transporting grain, beets, fresh vegetables and night soil (compost from household waste).





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