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Ferme de Beauséjour

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Continuer la rue de la Comté vers le lavoir.

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Prochain point : lat="49.07588" lon="1.926850005"

Beauséjour farm
Architecture in the service of agriculture



A traditional farm...

This seventeenth to eighteenth century farm at the entrance to the village has an architectural style typical of French Vexin. It is composed of several different buildings set around a rectangular courtyard. The dwelling differs from the other buildings (barns and former stables / sheds) in its more elaborate architecture and colour scheme linked to the materials used: brick and stone.



...with a rare and beautiful example of an octagonal dovecote

The presence of the dovecote indicates that this was an old manor farm. In the Middle Ages, owning a dovecote was a privilege reserved for the nobles. Its originality resides in its architecture, materials, the pattern of concentric diamonds marked out by darker bricks, and many pigeonholes (between 3000 and 5000 pigeon nests). It consists of a low, vaulted room with a central stone pillar and a high room containing more pigeonholes, in plaster, with a ribbed roofing framework. The pigeons were bred for the manure they produced to fertilize the crops. The damage caused by the birds was the subject of many complaints in the list of grievances during the Revolution. These dovecotes, emblems of feudal power, were often damaged during the Revolution. There are about thirty of them left in French Vexin.





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