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Lavoir de Vienne

Informations directionnelles

À la fourche, bifurquer à gauche, route de Villeneuve. Environ 100 m plus loin, s’engager à gauche dans le chemin des Champs-Crosniers. Au bout, sur la droite, continuer sur la sente des Prémoirs, chemin qui passe au-dessus du cimetière. Traverser un ruisseau. À la sortie du bois, une table de lecture explique les paysages.

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Panorama sur la commune

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Vienne washhouse
Fed by the channeled Vienne brook



Public washhouses...

The town of Vienne-en-Arthies has always had large water resources to the extent that many people, even before the installation of running water, had access to a water outlet at home. Others went to the springs, fountains and public washhouses like the one in Vienne. It is located on the channeled brook, which branches off from the natural watercourse at the top of the village. Built (or rebuilt) in 1892, by a contractor from Vétheuil, it had enough space for a dozen women. According to an estimate issued at the time, the framework was in pine rather than oak. Until the 1960s the washhouse was a place where people would gather and talk and it played an important role in village life. It was restored in 2006 in partnership with the Heritage Foundation and the Regional Natural Park of French Vexin.



... and private washhouses

Some private washhouses, like the one opposite, on chemin des Champs Crosniers, had a corner (left corner) where a fire was lit to boil the laundry before rinsing in running water.

Many women of the neighboring village of Aincourt used to go to Vienna to wash their clothes. It must be said that in their village, the water flow was sorely lacking for this task!





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