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Lavoir des Millonets

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Tourner à gauche, place Coquoin, dans la rue des Moulins.

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Moulin de Pierre

Prochain point : lat="49.064299" lon="1.716091"

Millonets washhouse
The old and new washhouse



Washhouses that are improved...

The working conditions of washerwomen have evolved over time. In the past, laundry was washed or rinsed by a river, and it was not until 1820 or 1830 that public washhouses began to appear by rivers or ponds.

At the end of the nineteenth century, most washhouses were roofed over to protect the women from the rain and sun, and often closed on several sides to shield them from the wind. Some washhouses have an adjustable sluice gate using a pulley to adapt to the level of water. In fact, there are probably no two washhouses that are identical, as their form and disposition depended on the topography and the number of people who used them.



... for the comfort of housewives

The old Millonets washhouse (see above) just above Moulin Madame (Madame Mill) in the corner of the square, was built by the municipality in 1852. It consisted of a simple structure to retain the water from the channeled brook, forming a pool.

The new washhouse, on the other side of the square (opposite, in the background), which had the advantage of being covered, was built much later. It also had the distinction of straddling both banks of the stream. It was restored in 2006, with the addition of a grid that was not there originally...





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