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Docteur André Soubiran

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André Soubiran (1910 -1999)
A man who was attentive to the problems of his century




André Soubiran spent his youth in Toulouse where he studied medicine. He graduated from the Faculty of Paris. In 1931 he was a Paris hospital intern, and in 1935 he defended his thesis on the famous Arab physician and philosopher Avicenna: "Avicenna, prince of doctors, his life and doctrine." He was mobilized in 1939, serving in the French Campaign in the third regiment of armoured cars as a medical lieutenant. After the Armistice, he settled in the south of France and wrote his war diary "I was a doctor with the tanks." This work earned him the Prix Renaudot in 1943. He also wrote historical studies and a dozen other novels about the medical community. He lived in this house on the banks of the Seine.



... bestselling author

His main success was the saga "The doctors", a psychological description of the medical world with a romantic storyline. These six volumes, published between 1947 and 1975 and translated into 14 languages, had record sales. A film adaptation was made of them. He is also known for "Diary of a woman in white." Published in 1963 and 1964, this work raises the issue of abortion in the 1960s and the place of women in society. The main character, Claude Wild, a gynecologist in a Paris hospital, evokes her job, her doubts and hopes.





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