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Bac et port

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The ferry and port
A strategic location



A port of trade...

The Seine has always been an important route for freight transport. The loop in the river where Vetheuil stands was a strategic location for the creation of a port in the nineteenth century. Goods were stored there: wood from Arthies forest, wine from the hills, stone from the quarries of Vetheuil and Chérence, sand extracted from the river. Initially, the storage of goods was rather haphazard. The municipality managed the area until 1842, when occupancy rights were introduced, providing a source of income. The port was active until about 1913.



... With a ferry to cross the Seine

The port was also the departure point of the ferry. It linked Vetheuil directly to Lavacourt avoiding several kilometers by road. Rowing boats were initially used to cross the river. In 1884, the City Council called for the installation of a ferry with a winch system. It was used by labourers to go to work, by farmers to go to the fields and by everyone to go to market. The service began in 1890 and ended in early 1960. In 2009, a new tourist ferry was inaugurated, connecting the two towns in summer.





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