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Bac et port

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“The impressionists”, Tim Dunn, 2006



A docudrama with an English flavour...

Unseen in France, "The Impressionists" is a tree-part TV mini-series produced by the BBC telling the intimate story of the Impressionist painters, their walks along the Seine and outdoor painting. The film is closely based on historical documents, describing the bonds of brotherhood that united especially Monet, Degas, Renoir, Cézanne and Manet. It depicts their boisterous conversations, their projects, laughter and disputes, notably at Café Guerbois, reconstructed for the film in Place de la Harengerie in Pontoise. The use of special effects transports the viewer into the heart of the paintings.

As the banks of the Seine in Chatou or Argenteuil no longer hold the charm of the past, the British TV set designers turned to the riverside in Vetheuil, which has not been industrialized. Note that excerpts of the mini-series were used to illustrate the beautiful documentary dedicated to Claude Monet, broadcast on French television in the programme "Secrets d'histoire: Jardins secrets à Giverny”. (2011).



... and stars of silent film!

The great silent movie star, Blanche Montel, was noted for her roles in movies directed by Louis Feuillade, such as "The Two Girls" or "L’orpheline" (1921), as well as in the talking version of the "Three Musketeers" by Henry Diamant-Berger (1933). Married from 1927 to 1934 to the future director Henri Decoin, the couple divided their time between Paris and Vetheuil. They were neighbours of another star of the silent era, Georges Biscot, who also acted in Louis Feuillade’s films and was best known for his 1927 hit: “Elle sait conduire une automobile Cécile” (She can drive a car, Cécile).





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