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Ancienne école de jeunes filles

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The girls' school
Nuns, the first to teach girls



Girls' education in the seventeenth century...

In Vétheuil, the nuns of the Company of Saint Ursula opened the first school in 1653. They were succeeded in 1659 by the Company of the Holy Name of Jesus for the relief of the poor, which ran the school until the French Revolution. The teacher was paid and housed by the Company. After the Revolution, the school was sold in 1793 as national property. Until 1847, girls and boys were in the same school but the Academy recommended separating them. Thus, in 1847, a free school for girls was set up. But it was only in 1875 that it became a public elementary school. Education was paid and therefore concerned only a small part of the population. The 1881 Act established free education, secularism and schooling up to 13 years of age. Co-education was established in 1975.



...the curriculum has evolved since then

It was not until the twentieth century that girls were entitled to the same education as boys. From the fifteenth to seventeenth century, education was essentially religious, girls had to learn housekeeping and catechism to raise children in the faith. In the nineteenth century, the mandatory programme included reading, writing, basic mathematics and moral and religious education.





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