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Château de Beauregard

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Monter à gauche le chemin de la Manufacture, au bout du mur, une petite sente à droite donne accès au lavoir Fortvache (8).

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Lavoir de la Manufacture

Prochain point : lat="49.016677" lon="1.9647"

Château de Beauregard
Château of the fiefdom of Forvache



From feudal manor…

From the thirteenth century, texts refer to the château, located in the former fiefdom of Forvache. In 1638 the owner, authorized by Louis XIII, called his new home "Beauregard". It appeared in 1782 on the stewardship plan of the parish of "Veaux". The château consists of a main body extended by a lodge to the south. There are numerous windows and entrances.

There are three dormers and several windows on the gable end. A large farmhouse is attached to it, with two floors and an attic, rendered walls and a saddleback roof with interlocking tiles. A central doorway once admitted carts and carriages. In 1721, the owners, considering that they were too far from the church, built a small chapel adjoining the château, that has since been destroyed.



... To country seat

In 1876, Léon Sari, director of the Folies Bergère in Paris, bought the manor. He commissioned the architect of the theatre and of the Martinière, Lucien Roy, to build the outhouses and fruit garden. It was here in 1889 that Léon Sari presented Aristide Bruant to Yvette Guilbert, "the café-concert diva" and muse to Toulouse-Lautrec among others. In 1890, Armand Raulet, then mayor, became the owner of the building. The road along the building still bears his name.





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