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Panorama sur le village et la vallée du Sausseron

Informations directionnelles

Redescendre vers l'église, suivre à gauche la rue principale. Passer la mairie et rejoindre le parking.

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Prochain point : lat="49.0975" lon="2.19145"

Panorama of the village and Sausseron valley



The landscape

Valmondois is at the confluence of the Oise and the Sausseron, whose valley running northwest / southeast, is the birthplace of the village. With considerable hydraulic heritage, the municipal area has five mills along the river. From upstream to downstream, there are the mills of La Naze, sous l’Eglise, Leroy, La Glacière and des Pres. The density of mills is explained by the slope of the river. Of the 22 km of its course, the Sausseron is at its steepest in Valmondois. The old districts of La Naze, la rue Dorée, Carrouge and Orgivaux are joined today but each has retained its character. Only the district of Port-aux-Loups, on the banks of the Oise, remains separated from the village centre, particularly by the grounds of the château. To the southwest of the valley, on the plateau, the agricultural land faces the forest, on the opposite bank. The old railway line has been replaced by a path for hiking or cycling. Having lived to the rhythm of the water, and then of the railway, Valmondois is now a small residential village where lush vegetation maintains a muted atmosphere.




Valmondois cemetery, transferred in the early nineteenth century, is built on hillside terraces. It is one of the finest in the region, both for its charm and its distinguished occupants: from the sculptor Adolphe Geoffroy-Decheaume (1816-1892) to the watercolorist Henri Laurent-Desrousseaux (1862-1906), whose monument bears his effigy, to the grammarian Louis-Nicolas Bescherelle (1802-1883), author of the famous eponymous manual and Georges Huisman (1889-1957), historian, senior official, creator of the Cannes Festival and mayor of the town. There is also the writer and academician Georges Duhamel (1884-1966), journalist and television pioneer Pierre Sabbagh (1918-1994) and his wife Catherine Langeais, television presenter (1923-1998). Honoré Daumier (1808-1879) reposed here some time before his ashes were transferred to Père Lachaise in Paris.





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