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Château d’Orgivaux

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Georges Huisman

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Château d’Orgivaux
Built in the early nineteenth century for the de Provigny family



Men pass on...

Château d’ Orgivaux, in a sober and functional style, was built in the early nineteenth century by a craftsman mason, Gueudé the elder, for Jean-André de Provigny, Mayor of Valmondois from 1813 to 1831. Throughout the nineteenth century, it remained in the de Provigny family. They played an important role in parish and municipal life with Alexander de Provigny as mayor from 1846 to 1853. The estate was then passed by marriage to the Cavelier Montgeon family, originally from Le Havre. Ludovic Cavelier Montgeon was, in turn, briefly mayor of the town in 1907-1908.

It currently belongs to their descendants, the Champeville de Boisjolly, one of whose members was mayor of Valmondois from 1965 to 1977.



... stones remain

The château was raised in height in the early twentieth century, leading to its present appearance. The outbuildings include a former farm, a dovecote and an orangery that has been restored. The parklands of Orgivaux were developed in the English style by renowned landscape designer Jean-Charles Adolphe Alphand, creator of most of the famous Parisian parks under the Second Empire.

The culvert over the road provided access to the wooded park on the hillside opposite.





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