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Maurice de Vlaminck

Informations directionnelles

Poursuivre jusqu'à la fin de l'allée Maurice de Vlaminck, tourner à droite et suivre la direction "Maison de la Meunerie". Passer le Sausseron et, tout de suite à gauche, par le chemin du Moulin-Morel, gagnez l'entrée du parking du Moulin de la Naze.

Pour gagner le point suivant, revenez sur vos pas et montez à gauche par la rue de Parmain jusqu'à atteindre, 150m plus loin à droite, l'allée des Vallées ; la suivre jusqu'à la Maison Bescherelle

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Moulin de la Naze

Prochain point : lat="49.10725" lon="2.18316"

Maurice de Vlaminck
Seeking tranquility in Valmondois 1919-1925



A "fauve artist" fleeing the bustle of Paris...

Maurice de Vlaminck was born in Paris in 1876, and lived in Valmondois after the First World War. "I'm happy alone, in the wind, in the rain, in the elements, with my pipe." In his studio-house near the railway track, he abandoned Fauvism and renounced his explosions of colour for a more personal style, composed of tormented landscapes and dark colours that defined a new obscure “manner”. "If you are a painter, look only within yourself." Self-taught, Vlaminck never took an art course, nor did he ever wish to study under anyone, considering that painting is not something that can be learnt! He left several paintings and lithographs of Valmondois and surroundings. In 1925, he moved away from Valmondois to somewhere even further from the bustle of the capital. He set up home in Eure-et-Loir where he remained until his death in 1958.



... To approach "the greatest truths of this world"

In his artistic testament, Maurice de Vlaminck, then 80 years old, donated to everyone the deep emotions that Brueghel, Courbet, Cézanne, Van Gogh… had procured in him... and to young painters, all the flowers of the field, the banks of streams, clouds, rivers, woods ... his sources of inspiration!





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