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Lavoir du Carrouge

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Revenir sur vos pas et reprendre à droite la promenade qui emprunte le tracé d'une ancienne ligne de chemin de fer. A la rue du Pont-Taullet, rejoindre à gauche la Grande Rue et la remonter à droite jusqu'au numéro 135.

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Maison Langeais et Sabbagh

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Carrouge washhouse
The best-preserved washhouse in the village



A village turned towards the river...

The washhouse is located on the banks of the Sausseron, a small tributary of the Oise into which it flows in Valmondois. In many ways it is the backbone of Valmondois, the village having developed and organized its activities along it. There were twenty-one mills here in the thirteenth century, seven of which still remained in the nineteenth century, from La Naze to the Moulin des Prés, beyond Orgivaux. The village also had several washhouses, public or private, especially those in La Naze, in la rue Dorée, and this one, "Carrouge."

It is mentioned for the first time in 1872 and is currently the best-preserved, with its tiled roof still intact.



... with many communal spaces

Women would go to the washhouse with their wooden or wicker wheelbarrows. They took the washing to be lathered or rinsed, equipped with their soap, scrubbing brush and wooden beater. The washhouse was a meeting place where there was usally a lot more good humour than bickering ...





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