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Georges Huisman

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Georges Huisman (1889-1957)
Father of the Cannes Festival



First president of the jury in Cannes...

Professor of history, George Huisman was chief of staff in several ministeries before being appointed, in 1934, General Director of Fine Arts. In1938, in agreementwith Philippe Erlanger and under the authority of the Minister Jean Zay, Georges Huisman launched into creating a film festival in Cannes. The goal: to rival the Venice festival created with its “Mussolini Cup” and “Gold Medals of the National Fascist Association for Entertainment”. The following year, everything was poised for the launch of the festival; the posters had even been put up when the war broke out and the event had to be postponed. He broughtLouis Lumière out of retirement to help withthe project and on 20 September 1946, the opening was held of the first International Film Festival of Cannes. He was president of the jury and remained so until 1949. During this first festival it was "La Bataille du Rail", (The Battle of the Rails) by René Clément, which won the Palme d’Or. One of the halls at the Palais des Festivals is today named after George Huisman.



... And mayor of Valmondois

Living in Valmondois in a delightful property named "Le Ru du Verger," Georges Huisman ran for office on the school principal's advice. According to his wife, even the writer Georges Duhamel who had never voted, donated him his "electoral virginity." He took the chair of mayor from 1932 to 1940, when he was dismissed by the Vichy government. Reinstated in 1944, he became president of the Valmondois Liberation Committee.





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