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Ferme d'Amour

Informations directionnelles

Passer devant la mairie puis continuer jusqu’au rond-point. Prendre à gauche, puis à droite, rue de la gare.

Prochain point :

Gare et ancienne sucrerie

Prochain point : lat="49.099723" lon="1.970918"


A central place in the village


A great estate...

The farm’s name comes from that of the Damour family, who came into possession of the site around 1600, following the marriage of Marie de Dampont to Jean Jacques Damour. Up until the 18th century, this former manorial farmstead included a residence called the “chateau”, an icehouse, a mill, a park, vegetable gardens, orchards and an avenue of lime trees. The 1831 land registry map shows signifiant redevelopment of the estate, which nevertheless retained its agricultural activity.

The Ferme d’Amour took up considerable space in the village, and constituted a significant barrier to the area’s urbanisation in the 19th century. The ellipsis between the town and its initial northern and western extensions was gradually reabsorbed over the course of the 20th century.


...with a farm and a dovecote

The farmstead included all the buildings needed on large farms of the era: stables, a coach house, a sheep pen, barns for animals and grain storage, a dovecote, housing for the farmers and the owner’s residence. All of these buildings were organised around a closed courtyard. The corbeled dormer window in the dovecote was likely used to hoist bags of grain manually or with transmission chain hoist. An external staircase provides accessed to the structure which once housed around 140 pigeons.




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