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Chapelle Sainte-Anne

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La chapelle Sainte-Anne (Chapel of Saint Anne)
Modest but precious



A former place of worship…

The Sandrancourt esate is structured around a manor house and a place of worship. For many years, the hamlet was autonomous in terms of religion, being placed under the protection of St. Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary. Until the mid1970s a village festival was held in her honour every year in late July.

The Chapel of St. Anne dates back to the seventeenth century. From 1753 the parishioners, in return for a fee, each had their designated and numbered seat. The French Revolution disrupted the religious life of the hamlet. The chapel was closed for worship. The Concordat (regime organizing the relationship between the state and the various religions from 1801 to 1905) did not allow the chapel to regain its liturgical title. The local people came out in force demanding the services of a parish priest. The prefecture refused to comply with their demands, seeing it as a further step towards the independence of the hamlet and the creation of a new territorial entity. However, by imperial decree of 1813, the chapel became an annex of St. Martin’s church and was served by the priests of the town.



... That has been preserved

The chapel consists of a nave and a small sacristy. Inside, the altar is inspired by that of St. Martin’s Church, but with reduced proportions and differences in ornamentation. To the left of the altar, a horizontal black line recalls the level of the flood of the Seine in 1740. From the outside, the only signs of this religious heritage are the cross in relief above the door and the small hexagonal tower covered in stone slates with a cockerel standing on top of it. The chapel was restored in 1931.





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