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Saint Gervais

Ferme Dauchez


Informations directionnelles

Laisser la ferme derrière vous et descendre la route jusqu’à l’intersection au niveau du cours d’eau. Emprunter le chemin enherbé sur la droite. Au croisement suivant, remonter la sente sur la droite. Après l’escalier, prendre à gauche, rue Bernard-Dauchez. A l’intersection avec le D983, prendre à droite, puis de nouveau à droit en direction du centre bourg. Marcher 90 mètres puis emprunter le chemin sur la droite. A l’intersection avec la rue du Clos Lointier, aller à gauche, traverser la rue de la Côte à Pigeon vers la villa Marguerite.

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Dauchez Farm

One of the town’s largest farms



Agricultural activity...

This farm illustrates the town’s agricultural tradition. In 1899, the town was home to 29 farms including two large farms, typical of the region: Dauchez and de Magnitot. The main crops were cereals, beetroots, fodder crops and potatoes. Sugar beets became popular due to Corbin sweets from Magny-en-Vexin and Us. Mushrooms also had their heyday, being grown in the quarries, located in the west of the town, from where they were sent to Paris daily.



… and traditional buildings

This large farm with traditional 18th century architecture, has adjoining buildings around a vast closed rectangular court yard. The date 1776, was found graffitied on one of its cut stones. Ancient agricultural practices shaped the development of the buildings. There are old harvest storage barns in a square formation, with a coach house built alongside rue Bernard Dauchez. A large residence stands as you enter from the right. There is still a bread oven in the first building to the left after the main entrance. On the 1820 plan, a square plan dovecote was located inside the courtyard, it is now no longer standing.

In 1920, Robert Guesnier, farmer and mayor of the village from 1892 to 1944, gave this property to his daughter Germaine Guesnier, and his son-in-law Amédée Dauchez, the parents of Bernard Dauchez, who would in turn serve as mayor from 1947 to 1959. The farm still belongs to the family today.



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