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Saint Gervais

Hameau d’Archemont

Informations directionnelles

Laisser la chapelle sur la droite et continuer la rue du gros Orme sur 50 mètres pour ensuite bifurquer à droite, rue d’Amende qui se poursuit en chemin. Le suivre sur environ 650 mètres. A l’intersection, prendre à droite. Continuer sur ce chemin pendant environ 1.3 km. A l’intersection avec la D135, prendre à gauche, puis encore à gauche en direction du hameau de Magnitot. Passer devant le Clos Magnitot. Au croisement, prendre à gauche pour longer le domaine de Magnitot.

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Château de Magnitot

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Archemont Hamlet
One of the six hamlets in Saint-Gervais



Agricultural buildings...

The stone quarries in the environs enabled some fine buildings to be constructed in this hamlet. The dates that can been seen engraved on gables range mainly from 1748 to 1876. There are four large, closed-courtyard farms with traditional Vexin architecture. The area of land occupied by these farms has remained relatively stable over time, the same cannot always be said of the farm buildings, many of which have been rebuilt or transformed (in shape or use) or even moved several times.



…and an old chapel

The Notre-Dame de Liesse chapel apparently dates from the 16th century. It is built in roman concrete with limestone rubble (small stones fixed in mortar). Only the quoins at the corners and the cornices are in cut stone. The first floor is raised above two storerooms opening onto the street. A few subtle indications of the history of the building are still visible. On the south side wall, you can see the trace of an arched opening, now sealed off. Above the door to the western storeroom, a drain run off stone can be seen.

This chapel was sold as a national asset during the Revolution, when church property (objects, buildings, farmlands, woods and forests) was confiscated by the State, in accordance with the decree of November 2, 1789. They were sold off to fix the financial crisis of the time. Since then, the chapel has been converted into a residential building.



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