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Saint Gervais

Les aménagements hydrauliques

Informations directionnelles

Longer le mur du château sur environ 250 mètres. Prendre à droite sur la D983. Emprunter le tunnel qui passe sous la D14, puis prendre la route à gauche. La suivre jusqu’à l’ancienne chapelle située dans le cœur du hameau d’Archemont.

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Hameau d’Archemont

Prochain point : lat="49.15801291259006" lon="1.759815586130724"

Hydraulic installations
on a stream with a low flow



A few water sources...

Originating in the locality of “La Roche”, one small steam runs parallel to rue Guesnier, alongside the school field, before crossing the hamlet of Estréez and flowing into the Aubette de Magny river. In 1899, town councillor, Alfred Letort, informed the town council of his wish to bring water services to the town. He suggested acquiring the water source at La Roche and drawing water into a reservoir with a hydraulic ram. For its part, the municipality undertook to install water distribution pipes in stages. This hydraulic system was inaugurated on the day of the village patron saint festival, June 23, 1901. You can still see traces of the reservoir on rue Fernand Jorelle, named for the donor of the land. A 1949 survey showed that the village went without water for half the days of the year due to the source’s low water flow. Only one water mill was built in the hamlet of Estréez. An inter-town federation for drinking water supply was formed in 1947.



...supplying Lavoirs

Several water sources throughout the town supplied the lavoirs (wash houses) and drinking troughs. The distribution of housing necessitated the establishment of two lavoirs in the village centre and one per hamlet. They were often funded by the inhabitants. This was the case for the Estréez lavoir, whose plan was approved on May 21, 1854. This lavoir, located at the foot of the town hall, is made up of two basins surrounded by walls in rough-cut limestone. The majority of lavoirs in the Vexin region fell out of use during the 1960s.



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