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Saint Gervais

Anciens presbytères

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Traverser et descendre la rue Robert-Guesnier jusqu’à l’arrêt de bus et le panneau sur la chaussée Jules César.

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Chaussée Jules César

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The presbyteries
Changing uses



The purpose of the presbytery...

A presbytery is a home for the parish priest, and sometimes for his vicars, often located close to the parish church. Two presbyteries were built one after the other in the town. The first at 25 rue Robert Guesnier and the second at number 40 of the same street, adjoining the church. The latter is a large bourgeois residence built around 1783 by Abbot Verdière, parish priest from 1779. Two doorways allowed the priest and his vicar easy access to the church. The solidly built presbytery cellars extend underneath the church.



...and its links to teaching

From 1805, until his death in 1817, Abbot Verdière ran a boarding school in this house, which he called the “Petite Chartreuse”. Classes were given to the village children. In the 19th century, primary school classes consisted only of reading, writing, maths and French. They were overseen by the parish priest in conjunction with the Mayor. When local authorities did not favour the church, teachers were obliged to make students repeat the catechism. It took time for public education to be established. The law of March 28, 1882, brought in compulsory schooling and the establishment of free, public, secular schools in every village. Parish schools and those under the supervision and/or authority of the parish priest were then either secularised or closed.





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