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Blanc Moulin

Informations directionnelles

Prendre sur la droite, l’impasse du Blanc Moulin. Suivre ensuite à gauche le long d’une haie de thuyas jusqu’à la route et prendre à droite en direction de l’école. Après le parking de l’école, emprunter la première rue à droite. Traverser la route pour vous rendre au cimetière.

Prochain point :

Prochain point : lat="49.0447" lon="1.87259"

Le Blanc Moulin (THE WHITE MILL)
A mill with resistance



An old grain mill…

This old grain mill, driven by l’Eau Brillante brook, was in operation until after World War II. It owes its name to the white flour that was produced here. Its architecture is typical of Vexin mills. It is built on two levels; the rendering over the limestone rubble still reveals the corner masonry blocks in dressed stone. The two-sided roof has dormer windows, the largest of which is called a meunière, or miller’s window. This was used to receive the sacks of grain hoisted up with a pulley. From the little bridge at the top of the hill, you can see the millrace on the left which flowed onto the bucket water wheel, driven by the cascading water. Although the wheel was removed in the early 1970s, you can see where it once stood on the gable end at the back of the house.



... Converted into a home by former Resistance fighters

Inspired by the same patriotic feelings, Jeanne and Robert Reyl (1919-2005 and 1919-2004) began their fight in June 1941 by setting up the "Liberty" newspaper. In late January 1942, the group led by Robert Reyl joined a Belgian intelligence unit that was later dismantled by the Gestapo. The couple then created the "Manipule" network and joined the "People of the Resistance" movement, linked to the Central Bureau of Intelligence and Action set up by General de Gaulle in London. In 1943, Robert Reyl was forced to flee to England; his wife was arrested and deported. In 1969, they moved to the White Mill. Both have been decorated with the Legion of Honor in recognition of their commitment.




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