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Ferme du Montoir- Agriculture et diversification

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Montoir farm
A typical French Vexin farm



A working farm...

This nineteenth century farmhouse illustrates the agricultural vocation of the town. Its buildings are organized in an "L" shape around a courtyard. To the left of the doorway you can see the former cart-house, with its plaster rendering and central wooden post. The open space on the ground floor was used to store agricultural equipment. At the back of the courtyard, a second rectangular porchway gave access to the land, which has now become an area for horses. To supplement their income, many farmers have diversified their activities, using the buildings left vacant by the modernization of agriculture. Some have chosen to develop housing, gites or reception venues, others prefer to open farm shops.



Strategically located...

Montoir farm is set up on the hills overlooking the hamlet of Rueil. This location could account for its name "Montoir" or mounting place; the term may also refer to the big hill one had to climb to reach the Meulan to Magny road.

It is no coincidence that many other small mixed farms (with livestock and grain production) have been built on this axis, previously the main Rueil road. These village farms make up the urban fabric. Dating mainly from the eighteenth century, they are composed of several adjoining buildings set in a "U" shape around a courtyard, or else two parallel buildings. With changing agricultural practices, the buildings were modified in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.





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