Sentiers du Patrimoine ®


Place principale avec commerces, mairie, fontaine

Informations directionnelles

Traverser la rue de l’Aubette, se diriger vers la boulangerie. Avant celle-ci tourner à gauche, continuer dans la rue de la Colline. Continuer sur environ 50 m, puis, prendre à droite dans la rue du vieux moulin pour gagner la cascade du Vieux moulin.

Prochain point :

Cascade du vieux moulin et bief

Prochain point : lat="49.0347" lon="1.8675"

The historic heart of the village
Diversified activities



The square, surrounded by shops...

This site occupies an important role in the economic life of the village, in the food trade. The inn, here since 1905, has provided services such as the sale of wine, cartridges for hunting, tobacco, a way station for horses, the sale of newspapers, and a telephone before phones were available in every home... A carpenter’s shop, next to the church, was still in activity in the late twentieth century.

Another place where the villagers used to meet was the public fountain, built in 1874: it consists of a deep basin next to a high stele in curved and molded stone.



...Next to the place where decisions are taken

The town hall, located behind the church, has a unique style. It consists of a pavilion with a sloping roof, the gable end being covered with wooden slats. Built by a carpenter craftsman for the International Exhibition of Arts and Techniques in Paris in 1937, the building was donated to the town by Henry Blum, then mayor and owner of the Château de Rueil. The building was further extended in 1988.

The original town hall, in operation from 1856 to 1938, was a tiny room over the school. The only remaining trace of what happened there is the ceramic plaque dedicated to the teachers who died during the First World War. When the one classroom in the village became too small, a second school was built on the main square of Rueil. It is distinguished by its fine architecture, including a clock housed in a triangular pediment and a bell tower. The two classes were combined in 1992 in the town centre.





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