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Ancienne forge

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Remonter la rue de l’église. Au bout de la rue, tourner à droite. Aller jusqu’au numéro 4 de la rue de la ferme où vous apercevrez la ferme du Colombier et le château de Sailly.

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Château, ferme du Colombier

Prochain point : lat="49.039647" lon="1.799212"

The old forge
Abandoned by mechanization



Manual work...

In the past almost all villages had a forge. It was an essential part of the proper functioning of rural and agricultural life. The forge was where tools were made for shoeing horses or oxen, but ironwork was also forged there for agricultural purposes (ploughs, spades, harrows and farm tools).



... Of which not a trace remains

Blacksmiths ceased their activity in the late 1960s, when manual iron working was replaced by industrial processes and farm equipment became increasingly sophisticated. The forge was on the left corner of rue de l’Eglise and rue de la Montcient. It was a two-storey building that opened onto the street for direct access. The double doors led to the workshop with a dirt floor, where everything was completely blackened by the smoke of the bellows. The building that housed the forge (in the foreground on the postcard) no longer exists. It was destroyed in the 1980s to build the intersection of the B-road.





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