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Ancienne forge

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The washhouse and Montcient
Water at the centre of daily life



A river washhouse...

A staircase provided access to the river. The washerwomen worked on either side of the area surfaced with washing tiles (stones sloping down to the river). The two pools, one for washing and one for rinsing, are separated by two large monolithic blocks letting the river flow by. The impluvium roof (with two sides) allowed rainwater to flow into the pools and protected the women from bad weather. The materials used i.e. limestone blocks, dressed stone and bricks, were common for this type of construction. The wooden frame is supported by rectangular wooden posts resting on stone bases to stop the moisture rising.



...On the Montcient

At this crossroads, other facilities related to the hydraulic system still remain: a small stone bridge with two arches spanning the Montcient, and a bucket pump. The buckets are attached to a belt, resting on a pulley; when the pulley is activated, the empty buckets descend into the well to lift the water.

The Montcient rises upstream, at the Bois du Boulai where it is joined by Aincourt ravine. It continues through several villages in the valley: Sailly, Brueil-en-Vexin, Oinville-sur-Montcient, Seraincourt, Gaillon-sur-Montcient and Hardricourt, before flowing into the Seine at Meulan-en-Yvelines.





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