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Triple cross

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Anatole Litvak (1967)




For several weeks in 1966, the village relived the dark hours of the Occupation during the simultaneous filming of two major international productions: The Night of the Generals and Triple Cross. For the first and only time in the history of cinema, two films were made at the same time in the same natural settings. As both plots were taken from the Second World War, they decided to pool the sets, costumes and accessories as well as some of the actors. Several scenes were shot in the village, including the passage of a Nazi armoured car when a man comes out of rue de l’Eglise with a horse. The residents played the minor roles and some have never forgotten the moment when the Rommel’s convoy - aka Christopher Plummer - was strafed by aircraft on Magny-en-Vexin hill.




A few days later another camera filmed the tracking shot of a Nazi car driving along the road to the school. Two Germans get out of the car and enter the school building. Christopher Plummer is one of them, having abandoned his role as Rommel to play Eddie Chapman, a British spy who was sent to France to infiltrate the German secret services. Known in French as La Fantastique histoire vraie d’Eddy Chapman (Terence Young, 1966), the film was also made in the ruins of the old spinning mill at Hennecourt bridge.





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