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Réservoir communal

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Se diriger vers l’école et la mairie. Sur la place devant la mairie ont été tournés quelques films dont La nuit des généraux et Triple cross

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Triple cross

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The communal storage tank
Water, a scarce resource



At the highest point of the village...

This imposing building is part of a set of hydraulic infrastructure facilities throughout the municipal area to supply water. The network included, among other things, public drinking fountains, a trough and a footbath; the spring water collection system was operated by a powerful hydraulic ram. The water was channelled through pipes from the catchment area to this large tank before being redistributed to communal fountains. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Omerville had ten such fountains.



... A water tower of industrial architecture

Designed to improve the daily life of the people of Omerville, this water tower was built between 1892 and 1895. Put into service at the same time as the hydraulic ram mentioned above, it ceased operating in 1974 when running water was supplied to every home. Its architecture is typical of the industrial era of the late nineteenth century, with cement-rendered rubble stones, mechanical tiles on the roof and cornice, and the brick screen wall of the semi-circular opening above the door. The ground floor housed the water storage tank with a capacity of 50 m3. The front recess corresponds to a staircase providing access to the upper floor to monitor the tank.





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