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Manoir de Mornay-Villarceaux

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Traverser la place en direction de la mairie. Continuer tout droit dans la rue de l’école jusqu’au réservoir.

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Réservoir communal

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Mornay-Villarceaux Manor
Fifteenth - early sixteenth century architecture



A historic landmark...

Built on the site of the former château of the lords of Essarts, which was more sober and defensive in appearance, this vast architectural ensemble consists of the Mornay-Villarceaux manor, a large farm and vegetable gardens. The house was designed according to an elongated rectangular plan. Its two floors are built of rendered rubble stone and dressed stone. The gable roof is covered with old flat tiles. The entrance is located at the right end with a majestic arched carriage gateway and a pedestrian gate. The façade is adorned with mullioned windows decorated with sculptures, marking the social rank and authority of the owners. The frame mouldings are characteristic of the Gothic style. The round, corbelled turrets are still visible, recalling the former military role of the manor. The courtyard façade is a rustic, half-timbered ensemble with baluster galleries. The manor was listed as a Historical Monument in 1927.



... Where Ninon de l'Enclos once lived (1620-1705)

Louis de Mornay, Marquis of Villarceaux bought the manor in 1647. In keeping with the family tradition he followed a military career. As captain-lieutenant, he went on to become captain of the guard of Monseigneur le Dauphin, the future Louis XIV. He had a passionate affair with Ninon de l'Enclos, a cultivated courtesan, noted for her wit and queen of the Parisian salons. They spent three years in his château de Villarceaux and regularly stayed at the manor in Omerville. They had a son, Louis de la Boissière, who made his career in the Royal Navy. After separating from Ninon de l'Enclos, Louis de Mornay courted Françoise Scarron, future Madame de Maintenon. He died in 1691, alone and in debt. The Mornay de Villarceaux branch ended with his son.





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