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Ancien Pédiluve

Informations directionnelles

Laisser le pédiluve dans votre dos et emprunter la rue à droite. Continuer tout droit en passant à côté du terrain de foot de Nucourt. La route se transforme alors en chemin et vous entrez dans le bois du vieil hêtre où se trouvait un ancien cimetière mérovingien.

Prochain point :

Cimetière mérovingien

Prochain point : lat="49.1596" lon="1.86216"

The old footbath
A strategic watering place



A pond-watering trough...

Located at the entrance of the hamlet, this pond is ideally placed along the path taken by the animals coming back from the fields or pastures. Set slightly below the road, this large pond collects rainwater and runoff. The elongated pond is protected by three low walls. The gentle slope and low sides are designed to water the herds, which were numerous in this very rural hamlet in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Horses and cattle as well as sheep from Morin farm watered there. The trough was also used as a footbath to clean the animals.



... built at the time of livestock farming

This natural pond was built in the eighteenth century and used until the mid-twentieth century, when livestock farming in the French Vexin began to decline. Since the mechanization of agriculture, the natural flora and fauna have returned. The challenge is now to protect this biodiversity while maintaining the right level of oxygenation in the pond.





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