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Fanfan la Tulipe

Informations directionnelles

Passer sous le porche. A l’intersection, prendre le chemin de la cressonnière, tout droit. Faire un peu plus de 500 mètres, laisser une route sur votre droite et continuer tout droit en direction de l’ancien moulin et les cressonnières (petite route sur votre droite à la prochaine intersection).

Prochain point :

Cressonnières- Moulin

Prochain point : lat="49.1628" lon="1.83397"

Gérard Krawczyk, 2003



Chases in the church

The church of Saint Quentin is an interesting location for filmmakers as it stands outside the village. In 2002, Vincent Perez and Penelope Cruz stopped there for several days to shoot the remake - fifty years on - of Fanfan la Tulipe by Christian-Jaque, originally played by Gérard Philippe. Nearly a hundred people were present among the technicians and extras. Luc Besson, producer and co-writer of the film with Jean Cosmos, closely followed the direction, which he entrusted to Gérard Krawczyk, director of Taxi 3. The scenes were shot with several cameras to speed up the action.

Having always wanted to play the role of Fanfan la Tulipe, Vincent Perez pirouettes through the scenes with contagious enthusiasm. Caught in the act of deflowering a girl, he is brought to church to be married to her by force. He manages to escape before the fateful “yes” and hides in the confessional. Mistaken for the village priest, he meets Adeline (Penélope Cruz). Discovered by his pursuers, he manages to get away a second time, but not without an artful display of acrobatics and sword fighting. Adeline convinces him to join the army of King Louis XV.



... And filming in the village

Nucourt has been the setting for many films including La Révolution Française by Robert Enrico (1989), 15 ans et demi (2008) by François Desagnat, OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies (2006) and OSS 117: Lost in Rio (2009) by Michel Hazanavicius...





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