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Traverser la rue de Boutrolle, puis se diriger vers la droite. A la prochaine intersection, prendre à gauche (rue de Paris). A l’intersection suivante, prendre à droite. Continuer tout droit jusqu’au château (qui se trouve dans un virage à la sortie du village).

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Château de Nucourt

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Town hall - School
Two institutions displaced over time



Changing practices...

The first classroom was recorded in 1607. At that time it was set up in a house in rue des Bourdelles. When the building was destroyed by fire in 1812, the school was moved to rue de l'Arche, the home of M. Barthelemy, who became the teacher. In 1850 the municipality acquired a wing of the château and chapel. The presbytery was transformed into the town hall-school. The two institutions were thus united for the first time. In 1851, a small building was attached to the town hall to provide a classroom. The lessons were mainly devoted to reading, mathematics and writing, but also to catechism, morality and crafts. In 1882, the economic development of the municipality associated with the lime kiln and the railway boom was such that the number of pupils reached 67, forcing the municipality to divide the class. The girls were installed in a classroom in rue de l’Arche.



... and a return to mixed classes

This division lasted until 1896, when the girls returned to the school adjoining the town hall. In 1899 the school and the town hall were moved one last time. They were built on the site of a large village farm. The bell tower and clock on the roof were donated to the municipality by the Nicolle de Nucourt family, in return for the upkeep of the family grave. The bell bears the names of two of the daughters of the family "Victorine" and "Leontine".





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