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Ferme des 4 tours

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Laisser la mairie sur la gauche et continuer dans la rue Jules Chardon. Emprunter à gauche l’avenue Emile Henriot jusqu’à la ferme des 4 tours.

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Ancienne distillerie

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Quatre Tours Farm
Or the lost Chateau.



A stately home...

At the end of the 14th century, the region of Nesles consisted of three main domains. They were united at the end of the 16th century, by Geoffroy de Coeuret, lord and marquis of Nesles. The last descendant of this family, Rosalie, married François de Balincourt in the early 18th century. Having been entirely rebuilt in 1745, the château, initially constructed during the reign of Henry the 4th or Louis the 13th, came into the possession of the Count de Châlon in 1784.


…now completely transformed

Sold as a national asset, the château was completely demolished. The square “Place du Château perdu” and Émile Henriot's book “À la recherche d’un Château perdu” (In Search of a lost Chateau) are testament to this event. All that remains of the chateau is the 17th century forecourt, surrounded by four pavilions. As a result of the 19th century renovations, the property resembles a square-shaped farm, divided into two parts. One part was home to painter Émile Bail, then later Émile Henriot of the French Academy, while the other was used as a farm. The property is now divided between several owners.


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