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Tombe Erambert

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Continuer la progression dans le bois. A la sortie du bois, prairie vallonnée en face, descendre le petit chemin à droite le long de la clôture. On retrouve un chemin plus large que l’on continue en descente. A la sortie du bois, prendre le chemin de gauche puis à une fourche la sente de droite qui passe entre deux potagers avant d'arriver au lavoir des Marais (6).

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Lavoir des marais

Prochain point : lat="49.003186" lon="1.869769"

Erambert’s tomb
From the top of the village, he still watches over his fellow citizens



A Mausoleum in the middle of the woods…

On this tomb it says: "Here lies Pierre-Étienne Érambert born in Paris on 20 May, 1793, died in Mézy on 22 August, 1861".

Mayor of Mézy-sur-Seine from 1830 to 1861, he was a great figure in the village. According to the stories he was a very generous man, who undertook many improvements in the daily lives of his fellow citizens, often at his own expense. A century later in 1936, to show their gratitude, the inhabitants give his name to one of the village streets he had paved. A washhouse once stood here and on the site there is a memorial stone with the inscription: "The people of Mézy pledge their special gratitude to Mr. Érambert, Pierre-Etienne, mayor of this town, for building this washhouse in 1835 at his own expense ”.



... with many Masonic symbols

His tomb is decorated with Masonic symbols: the square and compass form a diamond in which there is an "M" and a trowel. These symbols generally relate to the construction trades and the "M" refers to "Mason".





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