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Ferme du Paradis

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Revenir à la grille et continuer la descente pour rejoindre la gare de Thun-le-Paradis. Longer la voie ferrée située en contre-bas ; face aux écoles, descendre à gauche pour passer au dessus de la voie ferrée. Traverser la route et prendre en face la rue Nicolas Leclerc pour arriver quai de l’Arquebuse et rejoindre la berge de la Seine.

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Prochain point : lat="49.008169" lon="1.920662"

Ferme du Paradis
In the nineteenth century, a vast estate on the plateau du Paradis



From farming...

Located slightly below the plateau, Paradise farm was once the seat of a large agricultural estate that stretched across the plateau where the Vexin ends, and down the slopes leading to the Seine. The whole estate covered about 70 ha. According to the official agricultural statistics of 1892, the farm itself spanned almost 3 ha.

Cereals were cultivated on the plateau, along with arboriculture and, to a lesser extent, viticulture on the slopes. As on most cereal farms, sheep farming was also practiced.



… To the Meulan festivities

In the 1960s the industrialization of the Seine valley led to a growing demand for housing. Brigitte Gros, the new mayor, launched a construction programme in the district. Housing development, both flats and houses, replaced the wheat fields. As for the farm, although the main dwelling was demolished, a decision was passed in 1977 to purchase the outbuildings: barn, sheep pen ... Converted and even redeveloped recently, the farm is a convivial venue for festive events organised by the municipality, associations and private individuals.





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