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Prendre à gauche de l'hôtel de ville, la rue Saint Nicolas, la monter jusqu’à l’église, prendre à gauche pour passer devant l’église St Nicolas. La terrasse de l'Eglise vous offre une vue sur la vallée et la ville d’Hardricourt sur la colline en face. Descendre l’escalier situé à droite de la terrasse, il s’agit de la ruelle des 124 degrés ; puis monter à droite la rue de Beauvais. Au numéro 20 : la Maison Berson

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Église Saint-Nicolas

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Town hall
"Fecundum semen labor"



From the medieval house of Bailli...

The Fort Island is where the administrative centre of Meulan was formerly located; the bailiff and Lieutenant General presided there. In modern times, the town hall was moved to Arquebuse quay on the banks of the Seine, and then after the Revolution, to the Pénitents near the theatre.

By the 1880s, when the Republic was well established and towns and villages were dotted with belfries, the municipality had outgrown its premises. An an architectural competition was launched to design a new town hall on the site of the church of Notre-Dame, which had become very deteriorated. Inaugurated in April 1882, the building was further extended to the right, originally to house a post office, a savings bank and a school.



...To the chiming belfry

Neo-Renaissance in style, it is vaguely reminiscent of Greek architecture, with its monumental entrance flanked by two columns. All that remains of the old church is the belfry whose bells play "J’ai du bon tabac" (I’ve got some good tobacco) or "Caroline. "





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