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Anciennes fortifications

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Continuer le long du quai du baillage, puis emprunter l'allée Jean Sorbier en face. Longer les vestiges des fortifications

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Hôtel de ville

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old fortifications
Meulan, a strategic site protected by its enclosure



A well-protected town...

As recalled by Jacques Le Goff, "a town in the Middle Ages was defined as space enclosed by walls, where you enter through gates and walk through streets and squares and which bristles with towers." And this is exactly what characterizes Meulan. With its islands and hill, the town has undeniable strategic advantages.

The first counts of Meulan set up in the fort. In the eighth and ninth centuries the site had to be protected by fences, which were not very effective, having failed to stop the Vikings from capturing the town on several occasions. In the tenth and eleventh centuries the island was surrounded by solid walls with an outpost on the opposite side of the Seine: Sangle fort; the bridges were protected by small towers. In the late eleventh - early twelfth century Robert II built the château on the hill and began constructing the walls of the citadel with its gateways: the Beauvais, Mantes and Paris gates... While some parts of the wall were solid and resistant, other parts were weak and yielded to the attack by du Guesclin who destroyed the château and plundered the town in 1364. Later, in 1590, the wall failed to resist the Duke of Mayenne; large gaps were opened up and his troops rushed in.



... that has kept its medieval appearance

During the Thirty Years War, a royal edict ordered several dozen "villages" to work on the " fortifications of Meullent." But with progress in artillery techniques the walls became obsolete. In constant need of repair, they gradually fell into abandon. Patrol paths replaced the alleys and the towers crumbled. Today there are still traces of these fortifications: at the Annonciades (Séréna tower), rue Haute, at No. 36, Rue des Vieux-Fossés, chaussé des Tanneries and especially at the Fort on allée Jean Sorbier...





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